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Guangdong YATU CUP Automotive Repair Painter Championship 2017

Guangdong YATU CUP Automotive Repair Painter Championship 2017


Organized by Guangdong Communications Department, Guangdong Highway Authority and Guangdong Road Transport Association, co-hosted by YATU Advanced Materials CO., Ltd., the “Guangdong YATU CUP Automotive Repair Painter Championship 2017 was hold in Heshan from Oct. 24th to 26th.

This is an activity to enhance the professional skills in automotive refinish field and to spread Craftsman’s Spirit. At the same time, it presented the environmental-friendly water-based paints. Water-based paints produced by YATU were thoroughly applied in this championship. As an entrepreneur cares about the sustainability and social responsibility, YATU had the vision to invest water-based paints a few years ago. Therefore YATU embraces the new fierce environment rules launched by China Govt. for taking the water-based paints as strong backup.

Established the first comprehensive training center in China in automotive refinish industry since 1998, YATU trained more than 2,000 people for this industry. With close partner relationship with Geely and Changan, YATU Training Center now is the base to nurse the skillful automotive after-sales personnel for the both.

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